Benefits Of Strong Core For Running

A strong core for running

Many people assume that developing strong legs is enough to be a better runner.They do not realize that having a strong core is equally important.If you aren’t sure what the core is,it is the group of muscles that stabilize the thorax and pelvis during dynamic movements.


To give you a clearer picture,the core simply comprises the muscles of the stomach, back and hips.Most functional movements depend highly on the core and this obviously includes running.Having a strong core translates to the transfer of energy to the other parts of your body arms and legs so you can perform at your best.

Chances a core for running

If you have a weak core, some parts of your body would have to work harder so they can produce the same motion.Eventually,those body parts will dwindle from excessive wear and tear.Not to mention you will be more susceptible to injuries.Core stability prevents the wear and tear of your joints. It also decreases the chances of muscle and bone damage.

Aside from injury prevention developing a strong core will definitely help your posture. You will stand and sit taller and you’d be able to maintain proper form when running.Your core muscles will help you to keep standing while gravity tries to pull you down.

Benefits a core running

People who like to run off road and experience unconventional or unpredictable trail will benefit greatly from having a strong core. The body will be trained to balance itself efficiently and react accordingly to any abrupt changes on the trail.Your torso will remain

steady while running and your core muscles will prevent it from wobbling when you do a wide range of movements with your arms and legs.You can bend and move better because your range of motion is better.

Core training is not just about improving body strength,and fitness experts believe that it’s more on training the brain and muscles to work as an integrated system.Some people like to do yoga exercises to achieve this goal while others prefer using exercise machines.

Doing core strengthening exercises is all about control.You want to make sure that you practice the correct form not only to prevent injury but to achieve optimal results as well.There are hundreds of exercises you can do to build stronger core muscles.

Needless to say, having a strong core has a multitude of benefits for runners so if you want to be more resilient, you better start incorporating core exercises into your workout routine.