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Walk Away The Pounds

walk away the pounds

walk away the pounds

Outlines a six week program for losing weight and raising metabolism through walking in a recipe complemented guide that also covers such topics as diet and nutrition obesity and the special needs of the elderly,walk away the pounds now

walk away the pounds now

walk away the pounds the breakthrough six week program that Helps you burn fat tone muscle and feel great without dieting walk away the pounds

Ebook six week 259 pages


walk away the pounds best

The Metabolism Rehab Guide

The metabolism rehab guide today

The most effective guide on metabolism reverse dieting for you

learn from the experts in fitness how to Increase your  metabolism and how to reverse.


fitness experts all ebook fitness 68 pages kindle edition

The metabolism rehab guide In fitness

Some of the information contained in the book should help improve a person’s metabolism in a positive way.The disappointing part of the book is it appears to be a promotional piece for the authors  website.


While I don’t discount the authors  work in compiling information related to improving metabolism,their method of using this book to promote their website is less than desirable.


The Metabolism Rehab Guide