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Stepper Aerobic Fitness And Exercise

Package Included:


5X Resistant Bands 1X Door Anchor 2X Ankle Straps 2X Foam handles 1X Travel Pouch

1. Resistance Bands are elastic bands made of Latex tubing used for strength training.

2. They are light weight, portable and space saving exercise equipment

3. Designed to effectively building muscle strength and tone the body, there are resistance bands for a variety of exercise that specific muscle groups.

4. Its single dipper latex tube, the natural latex is over 99.998% free of soluble proteins latex allergens

5. Different resistance level to accommodate for progressive strength training levels: Yellow Band  Extra Light 6 LBS – 8 LBS Green Band, Light 9 LBS  11 LBS Red Band, Medium 12 LBS  14 LBS Blue Band, Heavy 15 LBS  18 LBS Black Band, Extra Heavy 22 LBS

6. Strong cushioned foam handles with Zinc alloy clips and D-Ring

7. Easily creating over 30 different resistance levels by attaching Or all 5 bands to the handle.

8.Perfect for Yoga, ABS, P90X workout for diet and weight loss.

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